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Our weekend coffee~ the sage

If we were having coffee this weekend…I would brag about this sage tree…(Are they trees?). This one is and lives on my patio. It blooms periodically, actually quite frequently which surprises me. It serves two it attracts bees (we know this is good!) and it serves to make me aware. See, I don’t know… Continue reading Our weekend coffee~ the sage

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Landing Spot~

“There will be NO snakes!” The perpetually smiling realtor assured us from the covered lanai. “Um, are you positively SURE?”.  The words flew out of my mouth, even though I was trying hard to be upbeat and excited. We were shopping for a place to settle into for a year or more and having a… Continue reading Landing Spot~

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If we were having coffee on a summer eve~

If we were having coffee, I would introduce myself first. Hopefully, without fumbling an embarrassing beginning. You see, I am one of those shy, introvert types that does not often seek out others. Not on purpose. Usually. This has caused problems in my life, I suppose. Although, traveling for the chairlift (ski)-building company while raising… Continue reading If we were having coffee on a summer eve~

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Mornings on the Porch~

 Mornings in the summer….can there be anything better? oh, wait…perhaps, evenings in the summer might have to be considered in equal measure. Here in my part of the Rockies, we are finally seeing high 80’s in our days, still often with a storm in the afternoon. It is a perfect arrangement for me. BECAUSE, this… Continue reading Mornings on the Porch~

Cottage and Garden~ · Finding the BEST within me~ · Struggles~ · ~This Writing Life~

Filling the bucket~

It is unfair to feel lonesome when the weather finally turns so flippin’ lovely. It does not help that my love of writing seems to have become absent in the desire bucket. It is dreadful when this happens, because then I get to add on that delightful bit of guilt to the already burdened soul. I… Continue reading Filling the bucket~