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~Working distracted~


It is difficult to work when your mind completely fractures. With one focus upon Hurricane Florence, one upon the political nightmare that is our life, and one upon the general workings of my day. I am juggling thoughts which rumble as a bingo basket, while trying to stay true to my challenges. Today is the 14th day of the 90-Day Self-Proclaimed Challenge and I wanted to update you on the progress. That is my goal, to update you. But with the news, weather, and my procrastination tendencies, I am struggling.

Today, I have some wins and a loss. I have been writing steadily and with increasing energy. My works-in-progress now include not only the novel series I am trying to get drafted, but also a non-fiction book that I have had tickling my brain stem for the past year. These are loaded into my desktop, with OneNote, so I can bounce around between them, working on whatever I desire. I also have ,finally, decided to get my short story illustrated for the children’s market and uploaded to Amazon before end of month. This is a quirky, darkly-charming, seasonal concoction for ages 9-14, and with Halloween approaching, the timing is now. Currently, I am awaiting the illustrator to finish, and have been editing my final draft. It is almost ready and I am quite proud that I may actually get this done this time. I shall update on this, so you can check it out!

My wins also include the self-care of sleep, but my meditation practice seems to be the last thing I include in my schedule. Why, I wonder? hmmm. I know I need this, especially since the LOSS in my challenge this week included falling off the no-wine wagon. Had a bad day, with bad news, at work..that ‘other job’. See, I have worked hard to be full-time email in this division of my company. I do not like phones. I earned the spot, and have been happily settled doing my thing, and not having to deal with callers. BUT now, the powers-that-be have decided to upend the entire system and my full-time safety cocoon will be no more. I shall have to return to the phones once again before November. With this news, I did the only thing one can do. Rant, rave, and wine.

And Pizza. And cinnamon twists.

This, then, did a number on my lovely diet. Scale went up again.

And worse, it made my optimism fly out the window and allowed my negative-tendency to waltz right back in.

What my takeaway from this all is:  I am human. I only let myself wallow in my losses, just a little. I think a bit of screaming is good for the soul. I think a bit of feeling my emotions allows me to accept and move on…through them. I think a bit of self-doubt will be good for my motivation. I know wine is good for the drama.

I worry over Hurricanes, and mankind. I worry over this country and mankind. I worry if I can be successful as a writer and if I can truly make a living doing what I love. I worry over the ‘other job’ and if I can get my proofreading business going. If I can, proofread and write, and do so with success…..well, perhaps the ‘other job’ will soon be a blink of my history.

With that, I send my thoughts to those affected by Florence, and others affected by severe flooding, fury and mother nature. A year ago, I was just regaining electricity after Irma. I remember the sense of disconnect that filled me once I walked out of the boarded house and saw what lie around us. The impact is broad, unexpected and enveloping. My hopes are flying north, that the damage will be less than expected with no lives lost.


Heading toward another weekend now. Workout, yoga, diet, and writing. Seems a good combo. OH, and Broncos! Perhaps a beach day before game. Definitely, no more cinnamon twists, pizza, or wine…not this week.

Punch today in the face! I got this.












I have been working out, as planned, going to the gym and doing a bit of everything. I even have purchased a FitBit Flex 2, as my second week award. Figured if I could hang on to my goals by two weeks, I earned it! My yoga practice has become an anchor, once again.

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