Weekend Coffee Share~ · ~This Writing Life~

If we were having coffee~

If we were having coffee, I would be sharing it on a sidewalk table with you. It is our first Farmers’ Market of the season, you see. Fresh organic produce, tables laden with seedlings, herb babies, and fragrant flower pots. The town begins to swell at 5pm for the market as kids rush among us… Continue reading If we were having coffee~

Finding New Loves~ · ~This Writing Life~

Fresh Discoveries~

DISCOVERY! I think I have awakened in another world! Far from the reality of big box supermarkets with their wobbly, squeaky, and direction-challenged carts. What IS wrong with those things? And let’s not even go to how filthy they can be (the carts, not the stores~ or rather, I wasn’t┬áthinking about the stores….oh heck, now… Continue reading Fresh Discoveries~