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~if we were having coffee~


If we were having coffee, we would be stuck at my house. Sorry. It has been one of THOSE weeks. As you noticed, my little mini-sharpei has had some surgery. Without explaining too far, just know she is doing well, but we are still awaiting results of two lumps that had to be removed. Nervous and worried, but I must remain optimistic that this time, this time, it will be a different result.

So, we are having our coffee here, in my home, among all my notebooks and notes. I have been able to salvage the last of this week, after a full seven days of concern. This is good, since I have undertaken the crazy 90-Day Challenge and I have this list of goals I am determined to get done. All week, nothing went as planned. Every errand took twice as long, some had to be revisited to get finished. Dog troubles, and vet visits x 2. My bank account and my heart can’t take too much of this! Maybe I should switch to water, and avoid the coffee heebie-jeebies. …or wait, WINE!

Yes, yes, the challenge was stalled a bit. My writing was clipped a bit, but I have rallied today, and am closing in on the editing of this short story-turned-a bit longer story. My illustrator is busy on the sketches, and I am confident his work will be perfect for this story. Can’t wait to show you! I am currently worrying over the title. Should I change it or keep it?

Did get to the gym twice this week, NOT the 4x as hoped. Dog. Again. I managed to get to the DMV and the SS office. Yay, I have endured. But no worries, as there is the lovely gift of another day, another week ahead. Well, I DO have the Broncos tomorrow night, which is exempt from the accountability. Right?

Had the most amazing thing occur! Yes, it must have been a gift from the Universe. In the middle of my Saturday work-at-home job, my employer’s provided CPU went, as the tech said, “Boom!” I could not work, and will not be able to, until I receive a new one. Which will be here perhaps Tues, or Wed. Until then, I am free! Free to work on my writing, my house-cleaning (oh, yes, you noticed, right? How kind you are!), my yoga, and my proofreading course. All very good. All very needed! Best news ever!  Well, next to my doggie, Suki, surviving her ordeal! Isn’t the fat, inflatable donut collar just the greatest thing?IMG_5796


What are you doing? Are you working on your writing every evening, or have you changed your routine? Do you have a plan for the rest of the year? Do you try to work during the holidays? Gads, you must tell all!

When we meet next weekend for coffee again, let’s try to go to that cute little bistro over by the bookstore. You know, the one that faces the river? Or we can head to the ocean and sit at that bar/grill that we love. By then, I may be celebrating the uploading of this story onto Amazon for the Halloween market! And that place will be perfect!

And it will read:   ~if we were having coffee wine~


PS GO, Broncos!



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