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If we were having coffee~

matt-artz-428598-unsplashIf we were having coffee~this overcast Saturday….

We would be sitting beach-side, and awaiting the sun to appear. It shall, you know, and heat up the covered patio to an almost intolerable temp. I love this, though, don’t you? The ability to watch ocean tides while scribbling daring adventures and shady shenanigans in notebooks. How has your writing been going? Tell all!

Yes, my children’s story, the one that I wrote as a creative assignment, is being illustrated at this very moment by an incredible talent. I am still editing the final draft…ready to publish on Amazon in two weeks. ONE project will be completed before year’s end. The suspense series…all set here, in old Florida, is still my main focus, and I do hope to have one finished by December! Staying accountable to you, has been productive… keep my butt in chair. Working. Writing.

I am struggling though, with self-doubt. Do you? That feeling that nothing will be worth reading. That my words do not tickle anyone’s interest. That I am both boring, and dry. Is this just me or is this universal? I would love to think I am not the only one that frets over this sort of nonsense.

If we were having coffee, you would share your own doubts and assure me that we are in this together. That we can both find our balance, our inspiration, and our brilliance in this writing life. You would make me laugh and stretch my boundaries, and give me the pep talk you always do.

We would walk the beach, laugh at the pelicans, and return to the fringed canopy to sit again, with lunch and notebooks. The sun is beginning to peek out, the coffee is hot….and we would write.


3 thoughts on “If we were having coffee~

  1. Hi
    I have never been to the beach but each I begin thinking this year, this it, this the year I sea the ocean, thats for now no more real to me than the sea of tranquility on the moon.
    just remembered something I read:

    The ocean
    is like a vast cathedral
    in its murmuring waves
    I hear the voice of God

    I think the having doubts thing is universal some are just better at pretending that they are unphased

    Thanks for beach walk, I can feel the sand tickling the soles of my feet and watching the foot prints left behind in the sand before the rising waves wash them away as if they were never there


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