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~writing from blobville~


It is Wednesday. Mid-week. Hump day. My day off. I am a blob. Started out this fine sunny day with energy, and spirited to-dos…got the meds down the dog (surgery recovery), the plants watered, the bills paid…even managed to finish the laundry and create a lovely, light, fresh lunch.

And now, I am …EXHAUSTED! What is with that? I could say it is age, or the mid-day slump…or lack of sleep…but truly, I don’t believe it is any of this. I suspect a bit of disgruntled nonsense I have talked myself into. I fight with myself, you see, to remain positive and cheery when I have a gut-full of complaints trying to gnaw their way out into the open.

The days are too hot and humid…the mowers scalped my fledging baby grasslings…the toe that aches from throttling it in a door jamb….the awareness I still must do my day job to help pay the mountain of bills even through the golden years….politics…irate drivers…inane television offerings…the book I am still trying to finish…a toilet that refuses to flush properly….an ice machine that is broken in Florida heat…intermittent signal for internet in spite of repair…and the cost of every dang thing at the market.

Oh, it is draining. It is. Yet, deep down, this is merely a device I have concocted to avoid the real work. The novel. The words. The guts on page.

Today, I sit in contemplation. I need to rally…open the laptop and get my word count done…I need to drink more water…I need to give a call to my kids….laugh..stretch…breathe deeply and laugh again….and write.

Yes. That is energizing. Quite. But first, a nap.


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