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~flipping the calendar~

This bit of whimsy fits me today…ready for summer, ready for a haircut, ready definitely for a facial….but oh, yes, underneath it all, I am ready to have a party! Aren’t we all?

What good news to hear the latest: our chance to have a ‘somewhat’ normal summer continues to look (cautiously) good. Pinch me.

My mind wanders off toward the party idea…hmmm. Paper lanterns, buckets of cold brew, flamingo wine glasses, solar torches, pool lights that look otherworldly as they float across the surface. Grill fired up, kids laughing, board-games or cards on the lanai, tunes chosen by whomever commandeers the playlist. This all set up and ready to go after a sandy trip to the beach.

Yes, please. It really needs to happen, I need it to happen.

Being safe and healthy, of course, is the prime factor here. This is non-negotiable. I chew my lip, thinking this over. With the continuing healthcare updates, and vaccinations/boosters all done, we might be able to make it work! My far-flung oldest kids and their families might be able to filter in this year, and.. maybe, stay awhile. My New York City daughter and her fiancé might be able to slide in. The other children will be here, nearby, this summer (hand-to-heart on this) and I almost can make serious plans for that party.

Yes. Please.

Low-key it would be… just family, you see, since I know only four people in the county. Truth. We are a happy bunch, though, and a bit outrageous when corralled into togetherness. Loud. Crazy. Happy. The kind of happy that includes an abundance of: food, drink, pranks, walks, sight-seeing, beachcombing, story-telling… It will be a celebration of missed holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, a missed grandaughter’s wedding..and for remembrances, for honoring, for surviving…and it all matters, and a celebration is warranted.

Yes. Please.

The pineapple is a sign of hospitality. A sign of Welcome. Gathering.

I better begin stockpiling ice cubes. There will likely be a passel of pineapples involved, just sayin’…


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