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If we were having coffee on a holiday~

If we were having coffee today, I would settle us both out on the shop’s patio. The vintage table would squeak a bit, and the lollipop painted metal chairs would beckon our weary bones. We would have been back from watching a parade for Memorial Day, pausing for a quick libation before our trek back… Continue reading If we were having coffee on a holiday~

Weekend Coffee Share~ · ~This Writing Life~

If we were having coffee~

If we were having coffee, I would be sharing it on a sidewalk table with you. It is our first Farmers’ Market of the season, you see. Fresh organic produce, tables laden with seedlings, herb babies, and fragrant flower pots. The town begins to swell at 5pm for the market as kids rush among us… Continue reading If we were having coffee~

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the bounty of hard work~

It was not my intention to go rather insane the past two weeks. But then, does anyone INTEND to go insane? even for a minute? Truth now: I can be rather obsessive when I focus too intently. On anything. Haircolor dismay? 15 boxes of various brands that all seem perfect, which never truly are. Going… Continue reading the bounty of hard work~

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A writer reads~

Soooo, here is my latest reading material. I seem to be searching for a bigger, better life! It happened without my knowing…this searching. I went to the bookstore, with my daughters on a coffee date and couldn’t stop reading each of these. It didn’t take long for me to hand over the credit card, and… Continue reading A writer reads~