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~The great search~

Today is the third day in the Great Search Adventure…the one in which we discover or eliminate (or both) our Perfect Town. We have a list, oh yes….it varies just a wee bit from day to day but primarily must include: water, palm trees, quaint town with vital community and thriving shops, art, and culture….There… Continue reading ~The great search~

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~If we were having coffee~

If we were having coffee, I would offer you a windjacket. The wacky, weathered, beachy grill we have chosen for our respite is a bit breezy today. Open to the Indian River view, it crawls down the hillside toward a campsite of beach chairs and picnic tables. The waiters are prepared today, wrapped in sweaters… Continue reading ~If we were having coffee~

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Well, we did do the deed….we sold our lovely, little, goofy old cottage in the Rockies, and moved to the ocean! I have not yet fully grasped all that this means, although I am quite sure I shall never forget the entire ordeal. This, my friends, is the reason I have been off the blogosphere… Continue reading ~WE DID IT!~