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the bounty of hard work~

It was not my intention to go rather insane the past two weeks. But then, does anyone INTEND to go insane? even for a minute? Truth now: I can be rather obsessive when I focus too intently. On anything. Haircolor dismay? 15 boxes of various brands that all seem perfect, which never truly are. Going… Continue reading the bounty of hard work~

Cottage and Garden~ · ~This Writing Life~

on the brink of May~

It has been a day of writing~ actually an entire week of such. A very very good week, indeed. When this occurs, especially in the midst of crazy-schedules of classwork and business needs, I feel fortunate  annoyingly smug! The entire stretch of past days has been a mosaic of weather patterns, as per Rocky Mountain springtime.… Continue reading on the brink of May~

Cottage and Garden~ · ~This Writing Life~

Tipping tulips~

A day of happy! Finally, oh finally, we have had  few days which seem like spring! The ground is nourished by the late snows, and my spring bulbs are opening to the brilliant (and warm) sunshine. My obnoxiously kitschy flamingos even appear happier now! I have classwork to finish~ finals the next two weeks~and Campnano… Continue reading Tipping tulips~