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If we were having coffee~

clem-onojeghuo-115915If we were having coffee, my friend, we would be sitting on my porch. The day is cloudy, with Hurricane Florence approaching. No, we aren’t in danger at all…it appears to be headed further north. So, we shall sit, and enjoy the moments of a Saturday morning and chat about our writing. What are you working on?

My projects have been resurrected from the procrastination graveyard. I have been bad, you see. I shall admit my negligence. I offer excuses, and you give me ‘that look’. Not buying my blubbering on about the ‘other job’ taking all my time, family visits, illness, or general crankiness. YOU know this is my whining.

OH BUT!!! I explain my new PLAN: The Haskell’s Pen 90-Day Challenge. Self-designed, self-directed, and self-imposed. Perfect. What is this? So glad you asked. I am challenging myself in a variety of areas, just because I am terribly sick of how I have been going along without any serious commitments. The first on this list is to write daily…..after all, this is what makes me happiest. I shall post my blogs, work on my books, stir up more projects. I have already reached out to an illustrator for the next step to finish up that one book. You knuckle-bump me.

“Say more,” you demand.

I have written daily since September 1st, plotted ideas, honed the outline of the thriller series I am working on. I have made notes all over my writer’s workbook, and opened up my publishing course once again. You bring me my next refill for the coffee mug.


I have been to the gym which was difficult to restart. Pulled the yoga mat out from behind my closet door, and stretched muscles that felt like boards. Have cleared fridge of unwanted and unhealthy evil, while filling its shelves with fresh, clean offerings. I have thrown my awareness into NOT complaining (I have my elastic band on~popping when I have done so), HALTING the negative, foul self-talk, and becoming more calm, accepting, and optimistic.

I have touched base with my family, cleaned my bathrooms, and cleared the laundry basket…baskets. Cleaned the dog bowls, loaded donations, and returned library books.

I even have tackled that checkbook, and my finances. Yuck. Still needs attention, but hey, it is a start. It has been just one week, after all! My business taxes are due this week, so I shall have to face this particular dread.

The challenge is underway. Week Two ahead. My goals this stretch are:  to get the illustrator completely on board, write 1000 words a day on my books, and to post two blogs. Yet, the dog has a scheduled surgery, I work all week at the “other” job, and we are still watching for hurricane formations. Oh, and those taxes.

You are sitting back, smiling. Your latest novel is published with roaring acclaim. Your kids are healthy, the hubs is being sweet and your house has a new kitchen. It is a good time for both of us, yes?

And the cinnamon scones are still hot….


PS~Yes, I am finally becoming more settled in this new place, Florida. It is finally beginning to feel like ‘home’. I miss my Colorado, still. Miss the kids that live so far away, but am adjusting. I love the weather, the trees, the pool. I love the ability to walk outside at any time and feel warm. I love the flamingos, the pelicans, the ocean all the time. I love sand, sea, and fresh seafood. I remember why I came here. I remember this is my dream. The dream that DID manifest after 25 years. I am eager for the next house that will be our forever home, and the boat that will be our weekend fun. I am eager for the writing life that will provide all of this for us, and the travel that will insure my ability to stay close to those I love. I am eager for the rest of my life.







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