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Embracing Intention~

michael-mims-111094-unsplashLife blows along with various degrees of wind force. There are days of gentle breezes, days of stillness and then there are those days. Those filled with hurricane intensity. The steadiness factor is always a crap-shoot. I am an emotional being, and by that, I mean I truly let my emotions rule me. It is not good for me, nor those that love me, to have to endure that rocket ride. But, I am trying to lasso these into something that is both beneficial and controllable. It has not been easy.

What has calmed the storm, is my awareness of not only my triggers, but the response to them. I have discovered if I set an intention first thing, on awakening each day, I am rolling along with more optimism, fun, and appreciation. I can face whatever comes up, look it straight on, and deal. It flows over me, and the heat it once generated in my psyche, evaporates. You know those times: when a bill is overdue, when the car won’t start, when the computer acts up, when the dishwasher overflows, or when a misunderstanding has left you either angry, or sad or both. Or lately, when family has left after a long visit and I am lonely.


I have begun deciding to live my life as I choose to be. Not some ‘dream’ life that I will have when we are rich, when we buy our perfect home, when I can quit the ‘other’ job, when I ‘have time‘. That vision is my goal, my dream, and after many months of whining along wondering when or if , we will ever be less poor, less tired, or when I will finally be motivated, I have a new viewpoint.

I awake each day, with the idea that today I will live as the successful author that I desire to be. I will live ‘as if’ and in doing so, I will bring that feeling of contentment and abundance to myself. After all, feelings are chosen by us and since I do believe in the Law of Attraction, it is a win-win. So, here is my intention:

I am slim, savvy, and live my life with grace and appreciation. My day begins with a light-filled kitchen and the dark, rich coffee that I prefer. I pad through the house, to the writing room, with the big windows, and the vintage desk that is just right. Not too big, not too small. My view is of water, any body of water will do, but the ocean is my choice. I am energized from restful sleep, and my yoga mat is waiting. After my morning practice, I return to the kitchen for that coffee that has been scenting the entire house.

My home is light and bright, with the charm of old Florida It is filled with ocean colors, and wicker, brass, and seashells. There is a Palm-treed yard, a garden, and a work-space for my husband. There is also a picket fence enclosing the pool in the backyard. My dogs are beside me, as I sit to write. I write till noon, when I go for a long walk, or laps in the pool and have a light lunch. Afternoons are back at my desk, until the time arrives to meet my husband for Happy Hour, or impromptu dinner plans.

My style is casual, but natural. In home, in clothing. I like texture, natural fibers, and stylish comfort. I love candles. Books. Flamingos. Boats. Water. Basil-scented cleansers and rosemary detergent.

My life is movement, writing, and occasionally, watercolor painting. My husband and I travel when we desire to, and it is always an adventure. Our five kids and four grand-kids join us at every opportunity, and the times we are together are filled with laughs, great food, and plenty of games. Gatherings are epic memory-makers.

We are healthy, active, and good stewards of the earth. My days are of my design, and if I want to spend the day with my husband on his boat, I do. Writing goes everywhere. jesse-orrico-93200-unsplash

So, how do I live ‘as if’. I am in a rental home now, but I have set my morning writing desk up in the most light-filled area available. I do not have that perfect vintage desk, but rather an over-sized modern one, that takes up too much room in my guest room/office. I do not have the ocean view, but I do have a pool. There are Palm trees, but no garden. My two dogs are beside me as I write, which I love. Currently, I do not have my afternoon rendezvous with my husband. He is out-of-state, still wrapping up work commitments of our old business for another three months. He soon will be here full-time, permanently. It has been a two-year commute every six weeks, but it soon will end. Finally.

I am grateful, each day for what we have in our lives and write this in my gratitude jotter. I write on my projects early, then go to my mat, or to the gym. I am on my way to slimness by committing to my healthy diet and exercise, to my graceful movement by yoga. I dress in my writer-at-home attire, and then begin my ‘other job’ which is full-time at home. This one is temporary, but necessary for now. Soon, I tell myself, I will write full-time and provide our living from that writing. After my shift, it is dusk in the tropics and I light seasonal candles. Now, they are autumnal scents.

I call my family often, and I have planned time with them. They will travel to visit us, but next year, we will reverse that. My husband and I have our own little Happy Hour, on our back lanai when he is here. We head to the beach and walk in the ocean sands. I gather seashells, and snap pictures of pelicans and shore birds. I will set my watercolors up, in the corner of the lanai, and paint soon. Before bed, I make notes for the next day, write another page, set the goal, set the intention again. I am trying to always honor my body, my dream and my soul. katja-grasinger-596465-unsplash

I am living as if I am already that successful writer that is providing for her family. I feel in control, positive, and have excitement where it was lacking before. My day usually goes easier, and I am accomplishing the tasks I have set for myself (most of the time!) Most of all, I believe it is possible. It is all possible. I am on my way.

Next post: The update on the 90-Day Challenge. Stay tuned.

Have a beautiful, intentional day!





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