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~If we were having coffee …


If we were having coffee this lovely, crisp and sunny, day~I would tell you about my new work in progress, and the new writing schedule I have created…I would also tell you about the writing course I am signed up for (and crazy in love with)…

We likely would share our week, the ups, downs, arounds….and nod in agreement at how terrible the flu bug is this year, how dreadful the natural disasters have been, and commiserate on the overall frightening state of our world today….

And then, we would share what the kids are doing, and what has happened to Aunt Eunice, or Uncle Charlie….because, of course, we are THAT close….

For me, the week has been a long, blurry one…. as I continue to fight through the last coughing jags of his respiratory bug that befell me two weeks ago. Simply not feeling like myself, in body or spirit…and certainly, not in the working globe that sits above my shoulders. Headaches rule in this malady and I have been fuzzy…dull-minded…compressed…crushed.

I also, though, have been working as I can…a bit here, a bit there. Writing. The new writing course has me revved, (thank you so much for asking!)..and inspiration that seems to wrap me in the affirmation that I CAN do this, I CAN create my novels and I CAN put them out in the world…Just what I have needed, coming at the right time.

We would share stories of our families, the newest gossip, and our next projects…both of us enjoying the comfort of a solid, strong friendship…….and make a date for next week…

Until then, Happy Writing, my friend~

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