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Fresh Discoveries~

DISCOVERY! I think I have awakened in another world! Far from the reality of big box supermarkets with their wobbly, squeaky, and direction-challenged carts. What IS wrong with those things? And let’s not even go to how filthy they can be (the carts, not the stores~ or rather, I wasn’t thinking about the stores….oh heck, now… Continue reading Fresh Discoveries~

Haskell's Hounds

A slow Sunday~my bookends

Just a little cuteness~ my two furballs. Suki, the rescued Sharpei from PeiPeople Rescue. She is now almost 4 and is my tough, determined, and loyal girl. Lying next to her, is our counter-surfer, Shamus, the Irish Wolfhound. He is just a year old, still a pup. He is a lover, quite devoted to his family,… Continue reading A slow Sunday~my bookends

Weekend Coffee Share~

Weekend Coffee Share~workouts and writing

Having discovered this lovely blog-feed which centers around an intimate chat during our weekend (as if YOU were here with me today), I have decided to make this a standard feature of my blog. I think this little virtual get-together seems quite charming! As if we are meeting down the road, at our local coffee… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share~workouts and writing

~This Writing Life~

Hello There!

Greetings, from Haskell’s Pen! You are graciously invited to read a bit about my life, (and share yours!) in my little cottage with its gardens, and sacred places. My life has been full. Full of homeschooling, home businesses, and now, returning to school for the degree I didn’t pursue all those years ago. My passion… Continue reading Hello There!