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IMG_3814DISCOVERY! I think I have awakened in another world! Far from the reality of big box supermarkets with their wobbly, squeaky, and direction-challenged carts. What IS wrong with those things? And let’s not even go to how filthy they can be (the carts, not the stores~ or rather, I wasn’t thinking about the stores….oh heck, now I DO think we could include both..) But folks, I have joined the rest of America in the realization we are in the midst of greatness! For I have finally, ta-daaaaaaaa…discovered Trader Joe’s~


Now, I am pathetically aware I was in the tiny ranks of those having never set foot in one, but I now GET IT! I understand, folks.

My NYC daughter came home to visit, you see…and she insisted I break loose and venture within this wonder. I could not refuse, for we did have a short list of pantry needs and just a bit of time…

Oh my word….the place sparkles with new and different! Let me add, I am no novice to organic, healthy shopping venues…I have shopped at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wild Oats, etc, but this place didn’t take all my hard-earned cash to secure just a couple of bags of groceries.Best of all, EVERYTHING we purchased~ all of it…from the frozen entrees, to the free-trade coffee, to the yummy chocolate covered frozen banana slices (try ’em) tasted delicious. I did not have one thing in which to complain! It all cooked as promised, it all tasted incredibly fresh…and I had money in my pocket afterwards..

Well, until I went back and purchased another one of those too-cute reusable bags…yes, indeed, I am quite obsessed…





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