Cottage and Garden~

Spring Time

Happy Springtime! Today, being the first day of the freshest of seasons, is right on time for me! Our past days of wind, have settled down, and the sun shines in shocking bright intensity. I see the leaves of early blooms-to-be multiplying in my yards, with promise of more to follow.
I awoke to birdsong, clear and excited, even though my windows remain closed at night still. The winter is almost gone, but it is too early to expect no more snow…
we will get more before the summer arrives…

I baked bread this morning, rich and fragrant. It seemed the thing to do on such a morning.

I have drawn designs, made notes, redrawn the lines, added shrubs, subtracted shrubs, over and over on a big stack of paper. I will have my final desires on one sheet, very soon. But the working drawings, with what I can AFFORD will be on another one…

My intention is to run ads in our local freecycle, or craigslist for any free landscaping plants that someone might need to be rid of. Recycle, reuse, I hope. And I will add the flowers I have started inside, as well, as sprinkle lots of marigolds around my vegetable gardens. Their biggest gift is the fighting off of bugs, the perfect watchtower plant for the garden beds.

I hear baseball stats on the TV stations now. Another signal that spring has sprung.

I am feeling both energized (and that is new and different!) and also overwhelmed, at the list of “to dos” ahead….the yard is a bare slate (sorta!) except for the entire BINDWEED that lies beneath!

May your day be sunny, green, and with its own birdsong! Happy Spring!

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