Weekend Coffee Share~ · ~This Writing Life~

If we were having coffee~

Good Afternoon and have a seat! A cup of coffee sounds perfect today…while it is blowing and snowing outside. Yes, yes, I agree…we are quite sick of the cold and oh, we all worry over the tender spring blooms. But here we are, let’s dry out and warm up a bit. I want to tell… Continue reading If we were having coffee~

~This Writing Life~

The creepy threads of writing madness~

This writing life….full of flighty imagination, resistant characters, fumbling dialogue. I search for what I need to say, must say. My plot goes off onto some shadowy hole leaving me with an angry loss. The hero refuses to cooperate, the victims pathetic, the antagonist behaves like a fool. I can’t decide which town they all shall live… Continue reading The creepy threads of writing madness~

Finding New Loves~ · ~This Writing Life~

Fresh Discoveries~

DISCOVERY! I think I have awakened in another world! Far from the reality of big box supermarkets with their wobbly, squeaky, and direction-challenged carts. What IS wrong with those things? And let’s not even go to how filthy they can be (the carts, not the stores~ or rather, I wasn’t thinking about the stores….oh heck, now… Continue reading Fresh Discoveries~