Weekend Coffee Share~

Weekend Coffee Share~workouts and writing


Having discovered this lovely blog-feed which centers around an intimate chat during our weekend (as if YOU were here with me today), I have decided to make this a standard feature of my blog. I think this little virtual get-together seems quite charming!

As if we are meeting down the road, at our local coffee hangout. Here where I live, in the tiniest of townships, our coffee place is alive with the characters that reside here. It is filled with warm, marred, and well-used tables, the aroma of strong coffee, and strudel.

When you arrive, the owners have a smile and coffee mugs heating. It can be too busy, especially on a Saturday. Bicycled families arrive, dog-walkers pass by, and couples linger. It is a comfortable, welcoming spot with pots of blooming spring flowers around a sunny patio. Laughter erupts at the back of the room, and I grin.

Today, I am here after a strong workout. My new workout plan is moving right along, although it is in the beginning stages. I have done this before, this routine, and lost the momentum, let it go. Not this time, I promise myself. I need to move my body, deepen my breathing and stretch my limits. I miss my workouts, truth be told…

I have discovered that I need yoga and workouts to keep me feeling like myself. If I let this go, I feel crunched. Collapsed. Stiff and cramped. I walk to my local rec center, put in my time and log my efforts. I amble into the library next door, gather a new writing book I have been looking for, and stroll toward the scent of french roast coffee.

I have a new planner to peruse, fill and organize! My novel planner lies right here, ready to fill with charts and goals. I am sharing with you, my love of the written word, and my commitment (ooh, OUT LOUD) to get my first draft edited. Plow through my resistance to do the hard work to get this book published. Stop the excuses. Face the fear.

Speaking of which, it is time. Time for me to stride toward home, turn on the laptop, open a file. Time to begin. Let’s meet next weekend, compare notes, and maybe…try the lemon poppyseed muffins…



5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share~workouts and writing

    1. Thank you on the encouragement! Tried to get 4 workouts in at the rec this week, but I may not make it! Storm is headed our way yet again…but I am planning to get there before it does! Aren’t those muffins worth waiting for?!! Makes me want to bake some right now! 🙂

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