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IMG_5073Last week, before Irma hit, this fragile beauty peaked between greenery. Of course, now, the bushes are stripped, sticks-bare, brown..But the beauty remains when I close my eyes. Folks, we were lucky…we were. I am intensely aware of those that weren’t so fortunate, and my heart aches for their daily struggles. We can only keep sending donations, helping our neighbors, reaching out to aid where and when we can….

Yesterdays before, when I closed my eyes, the yard was green, the flowers abundant with bee-bustle, and the palm fronds full and waving. The birdsong rose in competition with the frog-music and …the days were one long, summery kiss.

Today, when I close my eyes, the concern floods my heart for what lies ahead for our world as the weather intensifies~ rising up to answer warming seas, and neglected biospheres. I am a staunch believer in science. I am a devoted earth-geek who recycles, composts, builds houses for bats, and gardens organically. But I know I must do more, and I must keep speaking out…and I must not get complacent.( As if, by chance, Mother Earth will let us become complacent….)

As the islands, Texas and Florida…as well as the eastern seaboard…continue to handle the devastation, and provide relief for the untold numbers affected,  I am making a promise. I have begun to watch my thoughts, my words, my behavior. I am lucky and I know it. I have health, shelter, sustenance, and clean water. I do not have all the answers, which sometimes I act as if I do.

I do not have all the I want, but all that I want is not what I need. I do not have a hefty bank account, deep savings, new car, fancy clothes, a well-used passport, or the latest techy gadgets. I know I shall have to work all the rest of my life, and that is okay. I am not published yet, but I will be one day. I am grateful for today, and for the amazing people across this land that respond to crisis, far and wide. But I am making a new promise.

I will not complain. No. More.

I have a chance…when so many are fighting to get one.


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