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Our weekend coffee~ the sage

IMG_5074If we were having coffee this weekend…I would brag about this sage tree…(Are they trees?). This one is and lives on my patio. It blooms periodically, actually quite frequently which surprises me. It serves two it attracts bees (we know this is good!) and it serves to make me aware.

See, I don’t know if this is how you feel…or if it is just me. And I know that we are suppose to be gaining wisdom with all our stumbles, our setbacks, our failures, so that we can soak up the transformation that all this combined “wisdom-making” instigates.

We should, at our ages, understand the complexity and the absurdity of life…and have a broad perspective filled with patience, compassion, understanding, and humor as we deal with our lives and this world we live in…After all, we have made our share of mistakes, felt our share of shame, regret and confusion.

We should be bloody brilliant now! Calm, reflective and also sure-footed with each day’s events. Each communication. Each tentacle of ‘what if’ .

Yet, I am quite the opposite. I seemed to have failed that course. I remain wishful that I can correct, redo, turn around, and otherwise, change my past regrets. Am I the only one in this ridiculous waste of precious time?

So, therefore, the arrival of my sage plant-tree. It serves to keep me both grounded when I lift off into those ‘what ifs’.

SAGE 1…..          noun

noun: sage; plural noun: sages; noun: white sage; plural noun: white sages
  1. 1.
    an aromatic plant with grayish-green leaves that are used as a culinary herb, native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
    • used in names of aromatic plants of the mint family that resemble sage, e.g., wood sage.
SAGE 2….         …noun
noun: sage; plural noun: sages
A profoundly wise man/woman
And Yes, I do know the thing lists to the right…unsure how that keeps happening. Have braced and staked…added soil and conjoled. It remains a bit tilty. I assume that is another bit of wise advice for me….being off-balance, a little tilted, is okay.
It is all okay….

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