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If we were having coffee~


If we were having coffee today, I would be grumpy. You see, I would be late to our appointment. If that weren’t enough of a grumble-maker, I would also be covered in white speckles, and blinking irrationally. Could be limping a bit as well….

Paint in the eyes, folks, because I refuse to wear those ugly safety goggles when launching myself into the painting of a ceiling. Limping due to thumping the ladder onto my foot, and white speckles…well, because I am messy. Thank the decorating gods, the paint went on smoothly in one nice fresh white coat ..or well, this would be a different type of post. With MORE grumbling.

No, today’s efforts were not without mishap, but the chore is nearly done. Shoot fire, though!  I would have, indeed, missed our lovely coffee-and-a-chat date. I wanted to be there, truly I did but my schedule this month leaves little room for inefficiency or mishaps. With the house to hit the real estate market next month, and our (NYC) daughter arriving for a three-week visit in a few short days…not to mention my husband’s impending hip replacement surgery (oh, I know, sounds dreadful…but oh so necessary for my active, healthy and crazy spousal unit who has lived with BAD hips for too many years)…I have a list of lists of lists that must be done. On time. Done.

If we were having coffee, I would love to see your face when I show up with that glob of white paint on top of my head…oh, but HOW ARE YOU? What is going on in your world? What are your own plans for Independence Day?

The dining room is done, the living room is tackled tomorrow before any festivities can occur….and then it is mowing, gardening…and of course, trying to write a page or two.Want to share coffee with me…we could try again…perhaps early tomorrow?

Bring your paint clothes? PLEASE?



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