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Humble and Proud~


Wishing all of the country a very sincere Happy Independence Day!

Interestingly enough, I was coming of age during our Viet Nam years, and considered myself a pacifist, a rebel, and a rather modest hippie. Growing up in Texas meant the radical edges of hippiedom weren’t part of the term we embodied. We wore braids and talked the talk. Debated and opinionated a lot. Shortly after I married, and had my two wonderful sons, I was determined they would not be drafted. Yes, it still was in force then. I even toyed with the idea of Canada should they face a war that I could not understand. (As if I could ever understand war).

Fast forward a few years, with a few presidents, and a new marriage…to a Marine, no less. Fast forward to today, with children grown, grandchildren ….. I have made a 180.

My family has served, and will continue to do so (granddaughter headed to Coast Guard next year….). I am proud of their commitment and their dedication to a job that is never easy and could demand their supreme sacrifice. I wish we could ensure that these soldiers would arrive home to full support in all health care, financial issues, and mental distress. Now today, I will strive to make my dollars and my voice count in that very real battle. From home, that is what I can contribute now.

I remain humbly grateful and deeply respectful of all those who have fought and continue to protect our freedoms. Thank YOU!.


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