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If we were having coffee~

FullSizeRenderIf we were having coffee, I would meet you at the little coffeeshop down my street just as the hot scones arrive out of the oven. We would share one of the round white tables by the cottage windows~ the table with the milk bottle full of lilac stems. I would immediately tell you of the great owl that has taken up residence at my husband’s workshop. He lives in our old rafters, bold and brave with little worry. His gaze is both magnetizing and a tad uncomfortable. His quiet stillness belies the breath-taking span of wing when he leaves to hunt. We name him Edward.

The coffee is dark, fresh, strong. The scone light, hot and tender.There are other writers here today, we recognize their set-ups and the look of concentration.

If we were having coffee~we would discuss our writing projects, gesturing wildly, over the coffee mugs. Fret together on how difficult it is some days, before laughing at the sheer fun a dreadfully bloody murder can be. You, and your screenplay, which holds me spellbound. I and my suspense-ridden manuscript that gives you a good squirm.

Over our coffee and scones, we each share the week’s work and promise our review by next week when we will again gather. Coffee,writing, and Edward~


9 thoughts on “If we were having coffee~

  1. Hot scones sound wonderful. I would say that Edward sounds like an interesting, mysterious guest. I would definitely commiserate about the writing. My characters have been particularly difficult lately!

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      1. I had to stop, and shove the novel to the corner of my room for a bit. I am finally, today feeling the energy to face those pesky villagers! Maybe I shall begin again….

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  2. There is nothing quite like a scone hot from the oven is there? All too often I find tea shops microwave them which I don’t like at all! Mum asked a teashop if she could have her scone cold please, to avoid that very thing. The worried looking owner popped over to ask if it would be ok slightly warm, he had just taken them out of the oven but would cool it as much as he could!

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