Cottage and Garden~ · ~This Writing Life~

on the brink of May~

It has been a day of writing~ actually an entire week of such. A very very good week, indeed. When this occurs, especially in the midst of crazy-schedules of classwork and business needs, I feel fortunate  annoyingly smug! The entire stretch of past days has been a mosaic of weather patterns, as per Rocky Mountain springtime. I remain encouraged, at this ending of cold April, with the continuous blooming of a plethora of tulips I have planted in the past years. We had snow, oh my did we, several times, and they remain. How can I not feel slightly tipsy with the last bit of winter finally leaving us…!

My writing commitment began, again, with my signature upon a page. You see, I pledge myself to these sort of promises. Seems more real, more important…..I have been proudly checking off each day, on my own writer’s planner with the page count, and my insights (IF I should have ANY insights!). I have been organizing the 80,000 word novel draft into sections that I can handle for revision. I am primping my dialogue in a town that seems to be completely incapable of speech or one in which everyone can read minds….(my way of handling my angst over writing dialogue). This shall change slowly, over the next month, as each of my rather cranky characters learn to communicate with each other.

Oh yes, May opens with rainy skies tomorrow, but a chance of sunshine by day’s end. My final papers are all polished, cited, submitted for term and the last discussion post is all that remains. Tomorrow, I align my four planners for the month ahead~ writing, workout, household, business~ and call my kids for a check-in. Walk the mutts, and try out a new recipe…Workout with a daughter at our rec center, then settle back home to tackle my novel editing.

I have big plans this month, to do a spring scrub upon my house and yard. Empty storage unit, and donate everything that does not aid or soothe my life before we meet with a realtor to discuss options. After our early June surgery for the hubs, we will take our time to relax and enjoy the gardens, the farmer’s market, and the grill. This summer will be full of cookouts, and baseball games~ music-in-the-park with picnics in hand ~a camping trip, a cabin visit, the NYC daughter in July, and through it all, I shall write. Write of giggly grandkids, feisty dogs, succulent vegetables, mysterious neighbors doing mysterious things, angry nightmares, and cranky moments. Write of glimmering aspen leaves, thumping raindrops, sloppy streams, and bittersweet hugs. Writing…toward summer.



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