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A writer reads~

IMG_3820Soooo, here is my latest reading material. I seem to be searching for a bigger, better life! It happened without my knowing…this searching. I went to the bookstore, with my daughters on a coffee date and couldn’t stop reading each of these. It didn’t take long for me to hand over the credit card, and bring these babies home.  …..and I have not regretted any of them!

They are written with the voices of real women. I can relate. Each one offers a new perspective to old habits, old beliefs, old suffering. Each one kicks me forward. Easy to read, easy to grasp, easy to keep the nightlights burning. Kicking me forward, which is apparently JUST what I need. A reminder to let go of that grip on the past, reach toward the limitless possibilities, and be ready for the magic. I might dodge a speed-bump or two, but I intend to not veer too far off the track.IMG_3819

Next week, my list of fiction offerings that are residing by my bedside. My stack is formidable and not-to-be-ignored…one of those unruly stacks that teeter as the dog runs by…Do you have a summer reading list?

For you should, you know…

Buying new pens, opening my notebooks~essentially, “tying on my running shoes” Kicking myself forward ~speed walking this writing life forward!IMG_3876




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