Finding New Loves~ · Finding the BEST within me~ · ~This Writing Life~

finding my groove~

IMG_1033When I consider the whole complexity of life, there is no box big enough to hold my thoughts. They wander, dance, fight, hide, melt…

I understand the greatness, and the insignificance, and yet I struggle to capture the beauty of its fragility. It is vital, I think to attempt to mark moments with art…

A pausing……Still, our days flow one into the other, breathless and bold, finding their way through time.

I love to blend watercolor..the globs of smooth pigment, rich with meaning ….swirled into water puddles that trick my eyes, tickle my heart. I keep searching for THE technique that signifies and defines who I am, as an artist. Words in color, words that swirl, drip, glide, splat, and fold. Words and color, technique and voice that will allow me to bring to my life all that I feel. All that I understand or question on this daily voyage.

Toward pens, paper, and brush~




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