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Hello Workouts~


Today is Day 16 of my three-month-long (self imposed) challenge to restart my workouts at our local (very cool) rec center. I have had a membership for two years, and my usual routine is to begin strong, falter and flatline about mid-year. But oh, those first months of steady commitment change me…both in mind, spirit, energy and in my body’s shape. I feel stronger, happier, calmer, and well…more like I envision myself.

I intend to put my little challenge here, publicly, to underscore my determination to see this year as my anchor to a new healthy foundation. If I have to check in, and tell you my good days, my bad days, and those days I wimp out….I hopefully will WILL stay on course. I am easily humiliated :).

I linked this pic of my biking workout because it is the hardest thing I do. I have been recovering from an old knee injury ..(surprisingly from a bike accident) and the accomplishments I have as I work my knees are tantamount to an act of bravery. (maybe maybe a tad dramatic)…

I never thought I would like to use ‘machines’ or weights, especially at my age (60+)…but I am rather fond of these resistance contraptions. I SEE change as I work long sets of reps at lower weights than many of my c0-exercisers. I can see muscle definition and can feel strength in my legs and arms within weeks. Who knew?

All of this serves as a poke to myself. Stay the course, and keep going. My challenge is to head to the rec 4x a week, for a 60/90 minute workout (biking, machines, walking).

Do you have a workout schedule or routine?


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