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Morning Magic~


Mornings are for two things: Coffee and Writing. It has been this way for years, although life sometimes upends the rhythm which creates a sense of imbalance. Life~sigh. It could be an emergency or being simply the sounding board for one chatty (though sweet) husband. Either extreme or anything in between, can send my nerves into twitch-mode. I NEED my mornings…

Hot, strong, rich without any additions..the coffee is of primary importance. (And yes, I know this is a terrible habit but it is my vice and I accept my weaknesses). Then, I go through the planners that I am quite addicted to. These allow me to brain dump those pokey to-dos so that I can escape their torment when I sit at keyboard. Once I finish those (and the morning pages by hand, to rev up the engines..), I am ready to do what I truly love.


I am beginning my new mystery series…and my non-fiction book as well (it has been already begun, but stalled over the winter as I finished my university term)…and I must say, I have never felt more ready! I have a dream, you see…and a plan….

As I have mentioned before…I am recently a new Floridian. Having moved a little over a year ago, (and I did celebrate that date!) I have been trying to find my inner warrior to fight through having to go back to work in retail. This is necessary, and I am grateful, currently…but I do not intend to remain as such. While I am quite fortunate to have this opportunity which allows me to work-from-home…it is NOT anything I desire to be permanent.

I do this, so that I can write…and one day, that writing will allow me to live as I dream, without stress and dread…without punching in on someone’s clock…without having to give up time with family…without any passion in my work day.

My day will be filled with writing in the mornings, exercise (gym, walking along our beach, or swim) and light lunch mid-day, (errands when critical), and more writing in the afternoon until my husband arrives home for our ‘Happy Hour’ together before a lovely, succulent dinner of fresh ingredients. Ahhhhhh seafood!

We will take afternoon dates to explore museums, galleries, thrift shops, and new beaches. Stop in for a cool one at a new local beachside pub. Wander through a bookstore. Visit the local farmers’ market or art show. It sounds perfect, doesn’t it?IMG_4831

My goals for the next three months is to work hard, so that I can let go of that retail job that seems to drain my energy and my spirit. I KNOW I am a writer and the few short stories I have that are published will now propel me toward my other projects so that this dream flourishes!

Coffee may be the igniter but the fuel…the jet engine accelerator… is this big dream I have.

Write. Write. Write.

What are you doing, today?


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