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Why not?


New positive energy envelopes me today, and I am quite sure that I can attribute some of that to the new determination to eat BETTER! Oh, I have said this before, I know…I have  begun new eating practices more than once in the past few years. From vegan to paleo…and eating by blood type, to HCG restrictions. I have done it all. I am wrestling once again, with 18 lbs of weight that must go for me to feel in tune. I want to be able to move, to stretch, to walk, climb and hike…ride a bike again without the excess. My heart requires it, my souls pleads for it….

I can kick these pounds, I just have to make a choice to do so. I am not hampered by health issues so all I must do is make the right choices. The correct choices for my body’s needs. I know that I do well on light protein, fresh vegetables and selective fruit. I do not do well with processed foods, gluten, or dairy. When I give in to those cravings, I pay a heavy price. Emotional and stressed, I would give in…often.

With some recent blog discoveries that have been not only inspiring but supportive, I am renewed with energy to tackle this weight once and for all. I am going to be aware of what I give my body~ whether it be food, water, exercise, stress, negative self-talk, or lack of proper sleep~and make serious course corrections. I am setting my compass for a life of simple meals, relaxing home comforts, lively conversation, steady and engaged  learning, and gentle movement.

And I might just pull out my watercolor supplies, my papers and brushes….after all, the lanai seems to be inviting….


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