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~If we were having coffee~


I love weekends! And especially when we get to sneak off, avoid the kids/husbands, and have coffee together! How has your week been? Did you get the writing goals done? Did you get that pesky character sketch fleshed out? Or did the character just need to die?!!

Our morning here, outside the little coffee cafe by the ocean, is just what we need. Salt air, sea breezes, palm trees and pelicans. Bring my coffee strong, dark, and in the largest mug they have. I will need refills…just so you know.

This week has been a catapult for me. Yup, the entire outrageous life that we have chosen here is finally making sense! I am quite excited, you see. And no, it is nothing to do with that online job I have been slaving through. Nope. That is just a means to an end.

We know this, right? Have the goal (check!), set the plans (check!), work the plan (hrummp, check!), and then…Eureka! The Universe provides!

You see, I have been so focused on just how dreadful that job was, that I let it suck my energy like some nasty vampire. I needed to change that focus. Hard to do, I admit and I will go further to say: it is way too easy to sit and complain than to actually change the narrative.

Changing narratives! We know all about this, don’t we?  It was past time for me to grow up, to arrange my storyline so that I can move forward. Adult up.

I am ready! I need to get on with that mystery series that I can’t shake. I actually dreamed titles last night! And soon, soon…Sept?…I am going to quit that job!

But first….can I get us refills?

And tell me…what will your week hold for you?


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