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img_4490Today is the third day in the Great Search Adventure…the one in which we discover or eliminate (or both) our Perfect Town. We have a list, oh yes….it varies just a wee bit from day to day but primarily must include: water, palm trees, quaint town with vital community and thriving shops, art, and culture….There are several contenders at this time and I will be sharing our discoveries in the next post!

First day, we drove to Crystal River, FL as our northern boundary on the Gulf side of our new state. The pier gave us a view of a small, safe harbor which was interesting as we ate lunch. As the day grew cloudy, we opted for a bit of sight-seeing from car windows as it was getting too chilly to hang around outside gawking at the pelicans.

Crystal River is unlikely our new home but it did give us a gift. As we stopped that evening at our hotel, we were able to watch several manatees (with two babies!) glide past our little viewing point on the grounds. Since I am a life-long manatee lover, the joy I had in seeing them was immense. Another dream of mine with a big fat check-mark by it!img_4493

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