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20151126_131445It is with great sadness that I must inform the world, I am unable to partake in this lovely staple for the next several weeks. Bummer. Whine. Pout.I am deprived. For my own sake, and that of those who come near, I must focus upon the fresh vegetables and fruits of the season with all the joyful exuberance I can muster. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am quite fond of nature’s healthy bounty. But this, the staff of life, the crusty buttery goodness of beer bread…is also the giver of hmmmrph, rather unpleasant side effects. For ME..not for anyone else, it seems.

I am also recommitted to getting the last 10 pounds off my vata frame. It is time to reclaim my true body and move forward. Yoga has been restarted after too many inconsistent stretches of compromise over the past years. I am ready to have the yoga-body that I dream of again. Bread must be allowed to bypass this woman’s proximity as I strive to gain that dream. I am a LOVER of bread. It is not gonna be easy….so I will meditate through the anxiety of this deprivation, and hope I don’t get rather bloodthirsty mean as I deal with those monster cravings.

I regret to have to write the words: No more Bread. My calendar indicates I shall only be deprived for a month, not forever. This is little consolation as I stand on the brink of the abyss. Maybe a square or two of chocolate will help…..


3 thoughts on “Deprive~

  1. I get it too! Tried to be without carbs for a while sometime back. It went well and I lost a lot of weight. But then I got MAJOR carb cravings. I can’t even describe it. You should’ve seen me when I devoured my first pasta. In the end the cravings took over and I gained everything back. So maybe its a good idea to try only leaving bread, not all carbs like me 😱😱


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