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Mornings on the Porch~

IMG_3938 (1) Mornings in the summer….can there be anything better? oh, wait…perhaps, evenings in the summer might have to be considered in equal measure. Here in my part of the Rockies, we are finally seeing high 80’s in our days, still often with a storm in the afternoon. It is a perfect arrangement for me. BECAUSE, this leads to an enchanting evening with the scent of moist earth and floral breezes and usually, a cool drink or  Three  two.

My muse waits all year for these mornings. To awake with the sun and sit on my front porch, with a cup of french roast and notebooks. Writing in the morning, in this spot, gives my words an energy that is like no other. Possibilities abound, limits unknown, the flow of magic…

Give me mornings for my writing before home and garden chores call my name. Maybe get into the rec for a workout, but summer screams to be a bit of an outlaw to that rule.

How is your WIP coming along, during the lovely month of June? My novel is in the first editing pass, with revisions becoming a daily ordeal, even with that magic. I have found story-lines halfway weaving properly, and then, whoa….they disappear. A conundrum.  A few unladylike phrases spill from my mouth. A disagreeable way to spend my day. Yet, I do try to tackle it anyway, and mornings seem to make the chore a little less worthy of puking!

What are your writing routines? Do you find that summer (my kids are grown, but I know that kids at home change EVERYTHING) throws a huge boggle into those routines? How do you cope and stay on target with your writing? I would love to know!

And oh, these evenings….farmers’ market, grilled dinners, and wine on the back patio….

Happy Summer!







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