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Tipping tulips~

A day of happy! Finally, oh finally, we have had  few days which seem like spring! The ground is nourished by the late snows, and my spring bulbs are opening to the brilliant (and warm) sunshine. My obnoxiously kitschy flamingos even appear happier now!
I have classwork to finish~ finals the next two weeks~and Campnano is winding down soon with my novel short of being edited thoroughly. I will be continuing that project in May, hopefully meeting my goal of having it ready to submit for publishing by June 15th. I am proud of myself for sticking with this distasteful chore, editing. It is even beginning to not seem so completely disagreeable as it once was. Victory, there!
It has been this weird start to our springtime in the Rockies. I am well experienced in May snows, and late season freezes. Many times, my garden seeds are lost to any number of storms, and I have had to replant. Usually, I do not even begin to plant outside until after Mother’s Day. But this year, even knowing this, I am feeling a weirdness. With our hopes to put our house on market, and a fast sell…my calendar chores do not apply as easily. I wish to put on market by July 15th, at latest…but hubs wants to do it closer to Labor Day. I could plant garden anyway, if we waited…oh, choices! What to do? Half of me is relieved to not undertake the enormous yard chores each year brings. But the other half, is already missing my garden abundance this year.
I am torn. And stalled. And this is not something I enjoy, this sense of ‘being in limbo’. For now, I intend to feel the expansiveness that is RIGHT NOW. April and early May are a gift to me when nothing is expected but to enjoy the tulips, daffodils, hyachinths, and allium that are splashing across my yards. To enjoy birdsong, and warm mornings on my front porch. To see the end of term and the beginnings of summer plans. To smell the flowers~ Me and the flamingo…IMG_3827


2 thoughts on “Tipping tulips~

  1. I love the touch of whimsy your flamingo provides! I have been in limbo in similar situations too, and it is hard…but I think you are on exactly the right track, focussing on enjoying the here and now as much as you can. Sometimes it feels like the next step is too long coming, but soon you will have a new place to call home, adn a new garden to make your own.


    1. Such nice words on a lovely Sunday afternoon! I do love a light-hearted spin on gardens and cottages! Am a true deep-committed fan of Brocante and Alison and now have a new voice to love~YOURS! Thank you for making me smile! (and I can NOT wait to have a new cottage ~like Alison~and new gardens with more flamingos!)


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