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responsibility of a caretaker~

The flood of Sept Boulder county 2013Just a bit of memory…2013 Boulder County Colorado. Flood. Picture from 9News. I found this photo to be beautiful, humbling, and deeply moving. We were fortunate, here where I live, to not have too much damage at our cottage…but just down the road in either direction it was difficult to believe the roads, land, trees, homes…places that were so familiar to me… would ever be restored.

I just had to add this today, because I am contemplating the power of this biosphere. It is both fragile and unbelievably strong, nurturing and devastating. Rich and complex while gentle and enduring. We, caretakers of this earth, with its vast diversity of life are responsible for its health and our own futures.

Just thinking…and re-committing my efforts to protect it all.


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