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I am going off my usual type of writing to share a passion I have. Currently, I am studying biological anthropology  which ignites deep excitement within to learn more, seek answers, and continue my own quest in academia. The exploration of scientific avenues to discover how we got to here, from there, is vitally important to me.  I not only want to write on this subject, but I want to understand genetics, behavioral patterns, evolutionary science and human/primate morphology. This is heady stuff, the evolution of our species.

The search for answers to our human beginnings and how we evolved to this place in the history of our globe is fundamental to human nature. Seeking relevance with each new scientific discovery, a path is created for those answers. The quest to name our ancestors and define how they survived, coped and evolved, continues to motivate researchers. These answers could change our understanding of human medicine, morphology, and social behaviors. Scientific study of primates is fundamental to understanding human evolution, societal constructs, and the impact of adaptability to environment.

Primates are our closest relatives on the evolutionary tree. Evidence indicates that Chimpanzees, sharing 98% DNA with modern humans, likely shared the last common ancestor before humans diverged from the linkage. As  chimpanzees are studied, researchers have concluded the fundamental social behaviors, emotional maturity issues, and biological adaptations to their environment are similar to human beings.

There are the dissenters of the validity of our evolutionary past and there are valid compassionate concerns in primate safety, health, and in the emotional damage that might arise in behavioral study. I agree that these issues must be addressed, must be regulated, and do so without harm to the animal. We must find ways to learn without harm. Primate study can give us vital information, and with this we can not only learn how to become better human beings, but also to become better caretakers of our animal world. And that, is sorely needed. Now.

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3 thoughts on “Writing for class~

  1. ok my turn to be jealous. I got to go on a dig last fall looking for parts of a skeleton… long story. Then we did a follow up class and I so want to get back into this. It is an amazing world to research, both from the pure scientific theory and the creationist theory. (Yes I like to read all sides). It also makes one realize how little they really do know. Good luck in your studies!


    1. Thank you over and over! I can not wait to get out in the field…and I love forensic anthropology…so will study that in fall. And reading ALL sides is the intelligent way to understanding~and decisions. Good job!

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      1. I would love to go to school for this, I don’t have the money though and I have a really good job that I would hate to lose so I am kinda stuck at this point. I hope you give us lots of updates on this as I would love to see what you are learning and to learn from you 🙂


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