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~if we were having coffee~

annie-spratt-65077If we were having coffee, I would meet you in the local shop…the one I just found! The one that reminds me of the restaurant I once shared with my best friend…years ago, in a mountain town.

This charming spot to sit and write, meet friends, or have lunch, is in downtown Melbourne. It is delightful..and is perfect for us, writing on this cloudy Saturday.

You are as smitten as I am, with this hideaway. Tucked in the old town, located on the  main street, it is run by friendly and feisty women. Filled with delicious scents, welcoming ambiance….and makes the perfect cup of java. We are giddy, almost, as we linger among the mismatched chairs, and well-loved tables. Which one shall we choose? The one by the windows, with the bookshelves? Or the one over in that corner with the antique lamp?

We settle on the corner, to allow proper people-watching…

How is your writing going? What were your holidays like? Did you write during the last months? Did you do Nanowrimo? We discuss work, families, kids, health and politics…and we share our hopes for 2019.

I share my resolutions, my vision, my dreams for the next 12 months..and admit that I did this right before the New Year,  in this same little coffee-shop. My daughter and I came here for our traditional planning session…with new planners, and pens…and plotted our lives over lunch, before she was to return to NYC. This has been our ritual for years, and has been adjusted to fit the new reality of living far, far, too far, apart.

This year, is the year. I hesitate to say it aloud,..but this year, I shall:
1. Finish my novel. Yes, yes. Daily writing. Period. Promise.

2. Focus on my well-being, and commit to my daily yoga practice.

3. Get my transcript proofreading business launched.

Those are the top three…with taking classes to finish my degree, being more politically active locally, connecting more consistently with family and friends…and re-taking my French classes… and more walks at the beach…

and oh, definitely, more weekends, here…at this shop…writing with you…













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