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If We Were Having Coffee~


If we were having coffee~ Today, as we sit underneath the umbrella by the is raining lightly and we both have donned our sweaters. The sky is illuminated this morning, even as a storm brews to the south. It is, after all, the start of our rainy season here in Florida.

How has your writing been going? Tell all! How have you managed to get that extra time to finish that pesky scene for which you were having trouble? Did you buy that new desk? And how is the family?

I have been cranking out my daily word count…and holding myself accountable on that writing planner I bought. Collecting a few ” writerly” quotes to buoy me along…This week the days have been blissfully quiet, just the sound of clacking keys on my dining table as I grapple with the novel. I am almost happy with that difficult chapter, we spoke of….I toy with adding a cranky, eccentric character to the mix…especially since I just killed off two..

We sit, sip in silence…watching the waves peak, roll. Loving these rainy days, with the scent of salt and the brittle tinge of electricity in the air. The beach is not isolated. An ageless couple strolls, holding hands and walking in pace with the terrier by their side. The empty lifeguard station sits to our left, awaiting duty next weekend. I love it here, and can drop all my well-laid plans if someone mentions a “beach day”. That might not be so good for my writing goals, my schedules, or my to-do list….but I frankly, do not care at that moment. I can justify it easily….I am filling up my spirit.

The breeze is becoming embolden, as the flap of those palms nearby reply. The sky is darkening, deepening. There is a crackle of storm energy. We pack up our notebooks, grab our mugs and head inside to the little table by the window. Let’s finish our writing time there….

I will grab refills…do you want a warm cinnamon scone? I am buying….



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