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Looking up~

billy-huynh-327754-unsplashSeems to me that we are a species which is a bit unaware.

I have watched people, at the beach, in the mall, out walking, or in the park…they look straight ahead, or downward. Sometimes, they even look at the person to whom they are speaking, although this is increasingly rare. For the most part, they are locked onto their screens. Devices that behave now, like an additional limb, with all that same pain associated, if they were to be detached.

I am guilty of this too, while I write and work. I am guilty when I drive, when I walk, when I shop, when I stay so anchored inside.

But lately, I am reconsidering my movements and my inspirational moments. I think we should all look up more often. Look at the blue, grey, mottled or angry pit black skies. Look at the clouds, puffed, pulled, stretched, chunky, or just a bit of wisp. Look at the birds in formation, the lone sparrow gliding, the dragonflies that flit just above my head.

We are a fortunate planet. We have this amazing sunset every evening, and the morning is honored with a sunrise that makes my skin tingle. But this sky…during the day, dusk, or false dawn…this sky is riveting. I am intrigued. Blessed. Thankful.



For what this gives me, is that immediate feeling the ocean does. That sense of ultimate environment. The knowledge that we are a micro part of a macro element. I feel small, insignificant, and so do my problems. For a bit of time, I can take deep breaths of the atmosphere that allows life, to feel the immensity that surrounds me, and to realize that the troubles will pass. The anxiety will shift, lift and transform into energy to take action.

Looking up~ and seeing opportunity and possibility in everything.


One thought on “Looking up~

  1. Very true!
    In towns and cities here in the U.K. I remind myself to look up, too. Most of the old architectural details are towards the tops of buildings and it fascinates me that someone took the time to create the intricate carvings etc hundreds of years ago. It seems wrong not to take a moment to appreciate them! 😊


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