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the bounty of hard work~

IMG_3893It was not my intention to go rather insane the past two weeks. But then, does anyone INTEND to go insane? even for a minute? Truth now: I can be rather obsessive when I focus too intently. On anything. Haircolor dismay? 15 boxes of various brands that all seem perfect, which never truly are. Going to zero-waste: I become a feisty dictator with microscopic eye on errant refuse, driving my husband to mumbling with a sneer.  Anything slightly similar to self-improvement: oh, don’t get me started. Books, books, books, planners, planners, and yet, more books. Charts, measurements, meal-planning, spiritual reflection, books, planners, workout gear, gym visits…

I admit it all.

With the decision to enter the real estate market late summer, we decided to seek out a expert advice as to our options. Since Denver is a sellers’ dream city currently, we hope to maximize our investment’s return. Duh. Going off a trusted friend’s recommendation, I made the call for a consultation last weekend. This, is my justification for being rather absent around the blog-dom. Because, see….I can’t just spiff and polish, but had to undertake a complete spring/summer cleaning session that encompassed several days of heavy lifting, shoveling, and (yes, I know….) painting.

It was not really my fault and seriously could not be helped. Ask anyone. Well, not anyone, but those who have ventured into my lair. I get rather single-minded in these housekeeping rituals. I must clean it all, top-to-bottom, and touch up corners. Flip mattresses, shift out winter for spring bedding, empty closets, purge, and reorganize. Pantry assessment after scrubbing and tossing. New cabinet pulls and fresh towels. Rugs cleaned, fireplace polished, windows sparkling. Even though, said realtor didn’t look into any cubbies or corners….

And then, the yards….which, folks, were untouched since fall. I love the plant skeletons that are left after the first seasonal frost. I reseed perennials, and shake pod heads over bare spots. And, then, I leave it. Since our area has had a late late late spring arrival, I have not attempted a cleanup until last week…and it was rather…dreadful…

Front, back, side yards all needed trimming, weeding, and culling. The transplanted iris have taken hold, blooming their violet heads with zest. My new tulips, pale and feathery, fill the beds between purple allium and white iris. The fat hollyhock leaves are ramping the greenery quota, promising late summer glory. It is a full yard…with lots of to-dos.

In the back, my organic garden beds are now topped with fresh composted gold. They are already alive with spinach, kale, onions, radishes, and garlic. Leftovers from last year, rebooted. Tomorrow, I shall plant the heirloom seeds as well as the tomato plants from our first farmers’ market bounty. The moon calendars say it shall be beneficial to do so before the full moon on Sat.

Compost restarted. Check. Dog house cleaned out. Check. Wicker furniture on patio. Check. Umbrella in place over seating. Check.

Grass. GRRRRRR~This is another rather stressful situation. Big Dog playing with reluctant little dog during the past winter (i.e. wet, melting, muddy mess) tore up years of happily growing turf. Big bare spots around the sidewalks where he danced from one sprinting side to another. Muddy, rough, uneven bareness. Ugly.

I gave in. Moved my garden fencing around the ugliness, shook out enough grass seed to create an acre of lushness onto the not-so-big yard, and watered. He has only broken one corner of that fencing, to date. I feel fortunate. Remaining grass mowed. Check. Oh, yeah.

This, then, is my reason for running a bit silent. I needed to FIX the homestead…in order for one nice lady to arrive with clipboard in hand last Saturday. She surveyed, took pictures, asked a plethora of questions, made notes, sighed often…and gave us a thumb’s up on our home’s marketing value. Now, we wait. IMG_3892

I have hopes that I can maintain the current status of said homestead…for as long as humanly possible. This, folks, does not bid well when time comes to rally and restore for all those (hopefully)interested buyers to view this place. August. I have relative calm now, till August. OH, the joy of selling a home, moving to another state, and finding a new cottage to love….in the meantime, I shall be better about posting. Promise.

And she never once looked in my pantry~










4 thoughts on “the bounty of hard work~

  1. Oh my goodness. You and my husband should get together and improve the world. I’ve been doing much of the same the past two weeks, but not intrinsically motivated at all! My hands and arms are so tired from painting I can barely move. When I see him coming with an idea in his eye I start running. No more home improvement! Your house looks lovely though!


    1. OH Thank you for the compliment! I too, am weary of painting the house! And digging in compost! My own hubby doesn’t ‘do’ home improvement …he is a structural steel contractor…so if I want it done, I gotta strap on my tool belt. Time now though, for a summer of writing! Do you have any fun/energizing/satisfying projects slated for the summertime?

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      1. I’m fighting my way through the end of May…then I have this novel to edit and short story to start submitting again. And the vegetable garden has got to get in soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Did you get the garden in? I bet so! Most of my seeds/and plants are in, but the weather still hasn’t be warm enough to see much growth! :(…Oh, I am right there with you on the editing of a novel…AND resubmission of a short story!! Maybe this month, I will make huge headway! I need to stay ‘on task’ and I seem to be so distracted lately…..


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