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If we were having coffee~


Good Afternoon and have a seat! A cup of coffee sounds perfect today…while it is blowing and snowing outside. Yes, yes, I agree…we are quite sick of the cold and oh, we all worry over the tender spring blooms. But here we are, let’s dry out and warm up a bit.

I want to tell you that I am quite proud of myself. I do not wish to brag, but heck! I am writing again, yes! I also have been working on that first draft, you know…the one I told you about. I would tell you I have been a bit crazed over the nonsense and wandering that sometimes focusing on a word count/time/deadline creates on the page. But somehow, I am still okay with it, willing to flog through it~which as you might know, is often not the case…a small, significant victory.

I want to tell you that you are looking mighty spiffy today, all cute in your outfit, face flushed from your run. The Clean Eating is showing on you! (You must loan me your recipes and that book)… I am getting in those workouts~even this morning (when you know I wanted to stay inside on my comfy couch~snuggled in and writing).

I want to tell you that I still miss the ocean. The sea and sand…and pelicans. It has only been four months since we visited our son out on the Florida coast, but I yearn daily for a return. I am ready to tell you that we plan to move! Yes, it is still a bit off, so no worries, and I shall stay in touch often~ but we have put in our time here in the mountains, and after 18 years the desire has not lessened…we want to live now where we choose~ where we are happiest, and feel inspired. Thinking mid-October sounds about right…to head east. Oh yes, plans to make and I shall share them often with you…promise!

Oh, let’s eat, shall we? …oh, and another french roast, please!


17 thoughts on “If we were having coffee~

  1. What!?!? But you just got here. Or at least, in my little self centered world you just got here, because I just met you. Dang. Well, I’ll enjoy you as a blogging neighbor for now, and follow you across the country when you go, because blogging knows no geography. I kinda love this coffee thing….

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    1. I am quite addicted to this coffee thing too! Oh, no worries, my new friend! I shan’t be leaving soon, and considered we have been trying to sooooo long to leave, and remain here still….It would not surprise me if our plans are delayed again. I want to stay connected to you too!

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  2. Oh goodness I couldn’t live far from the ocean! It would be terrible. But then I couldn’t live far from the mountains either. I look forward to hearing of your moving plans 🙂


      1. I won’t tell you what else we have then… rivers, lakes, even a desert and that’s not mentioning the glaciers or the face we live in a ‘rain forest.’ I think it would be very hard to choose just one feature living here among the beauty that I do. 🙂


      2. Oh Killmenow…are you in Costa Rica????? I would live there in a split second…I envy such diverse natural beauty. Have you lived in your paradise a long time?


    1. Thank you Bettylouise (I have to ask is that your given name?) I ask because my name is komajo and my favorite aunt was vernamae…ha! So, combined names are dear to me. I have one more good all-around, all-or-nothing move in me…and then I wanna stop!

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  3. I do love the mountains–and the beach—but I long ago decided that New Orleans was home. I doubt my husband and I will ever move from here, though we do love to visit all sorts of places.Good luck getting ready to move!!

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    1. One of the cities I yearn to visit! New Orleans~ I have a feeling I will love it too, just from what I have seen in pictures and from friends. We hope to spend some time there on way to Florida later this year. Thanks for the well wishes on the moving ordeal ahead. I have moved many many times in many years, with many kids and pets in tow (whew) but this time should be a snap! I am actually looking forward to downsizing, simplifying, and re-establishing home in a new beachy cabana! ha!

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  4. Glad to hear that you are writing again. That is definitely something to be proud of.

    I am excited for you for your moving adventure. The mountains are lovely (though I could do without snow in April!). I love the ocean as well. I’ve lived in Florida and South Carolina and I do miss the ocean now that I am back in the midwest.

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    1. Oh, this crummy snow in April…bah. Where in Florida? Did you like South Carolina? My husband has extended family there, but it is not on our list of destinations in our future. I have deep ties to the Rocky Mountains and will visit often (two of our sons live in CO currently), but I am so ready to be in a new place, with new discoveries! Especially to inspire my writing (and watercolors)!

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      1. We lived in Gainesville, so not the best but we were close to both coasts and close to Orlando. My inlaws all live in SC (so we do go back there regularly) and it has some beautiful coastal areas and mountains.

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  5. Oh, Gainesville! My daughter and I have applied to U of F for our BA’s next year! We do not intend to live there though…gotta be closer to coast. Our son is in Melbourne, and we love it there too. Almost bought a house there in Jan…but we prefer the Gulf side, and are looking everywhere from Ft Myers, up past St Pete’s….right now, I am yearning for some fish tacos from the Sandbar, in Cocoa beach…
    What are your writing projects right now? If I could be so bold to ask…:)


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