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unfettered days~


Sunday morning comfort…My planner is open, coffee steaming the side of my laptop screen, sunshine flowing toward my feet from the window. One of my favorite moments in my week, this day of organizational plans for the days ahead. Have no idea why THIS of all things holds such comfort for me. I suppose it could be a fresh start toward my goals, toward accomplishment once again….each 7 days.

This past week has been soft joy and crazy excitement. Our daughter has arrived to spend a week …from the far distant~netherlands called NYC. So far from home. So madly missed. Just the countdown from the moment the flight ticket was purchased began the steady eagerness for her arrival. My planner reflects this.

Usually, focus is all-important. The progression that a goal of desire requires. The force that pushes for steps to be accomplished. Between the usual daily entries which include, writing practice, morning pages, and classwork for college…laundry, mail, and dinner prep…and the unique additions pertaining to house, pets, husband, husband’s business, and children which change on a hourly basis..my planner is full. FULL.

But this week, it remains rather virginal. I have purposely left sections completely empty, days are even untouched. Purposely, I say again. The urge to pick it up and sort my world is strong, but I refrain…often. My promise to myself has been to leave this time unplanned…free and unfettered. To be ready for the spontaneous suggestion of a venture, a visit, an adventure, with this special woman that is our daughter. I only wish our other daughter had this time, this liberty to join us, on our daily mystery-tours…

Posting this today, to work my way back to writing on my blog…hoping to rediscover the passion that it once held for me. Skipping morning pages, to do this, but hope to jot words tonight on an evening page or three…and dreaming of a time when we all live close, by the ocean, with seashells and pelicans.


2 thoughts on “unfettered days~

    1. That is my dayrunner filled with Frankin Covey’s refill pages, and their LOVE dividers. The cover is by Love as well (blue with gold polkadots on the outside!. But I have others..passion planner, and my novel planner…and my latest…Law of Attraction Planner…all leather backed, with perfect writing paper! Stay tuned, might do another post on that!


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