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Hello There!


Greetings, from Haskell’s Pen!

You are graciously invited to read a bit about my life, (and share yours!) in my little cottage with its gardens, and sacred places. My life has been full. Full of homeschooling, home businesses, and now, returning to school for the degree I didn’t pursue all those years ago. My passion is writing. Writing for the sake of writing, writing for self-reflection, writing to understand, writing to share, writing to tell stories. It had taken a backseat to all the demands of life and sometimes, survival. Now, I am journeying with my pen~and I want to bring you along on my journey.
As I said, my cottage is a love. I am still new in my little fat house, having just taken possession of it this fall. With weeds in the old flowerbeds, overgrown trash trees in the corners, and a good healthy supply of bindweed blanketing it all..I fell in love with the old (125+ yrs) mining cottage in a small town. The house sang to me from that first moment, of walking into the charming enclosed front porch with its multi-pane windows lined side by side. And it still spoke to me, as I took account of the glaring dark painted walls, the primitive kitchen, the hodgepodge of years of ‘remodeling’, and it’s ONE bathroom (I have always owned large, modern, 4-bdrm, 3+ baths  suburban houses). But oh, it had a claw foot tub, vintage wooden floors that creaked like my childhood home, and a fenced yard that was anchored by a century-old cottonwood.
Hooked, I was.
After several weeks, of corresponding with its owners who had moved out-of-state, we reached a gentle agreement that worked for all of us. We could not have asked for a couple more understanding, more open, or more gracious to work with. They too, had deep loving memories of their home, had a sacred connection to it. They just couldn’t return to it. When we found it, approached them, and made our offer, well, it was serendipity.

My husband and I have been slow to accept we are becoming empty-nesters. We have five amazing children, four brilliant grandkids, and love having family underfoot. But it had become time to downsize, both economically and sensibly, and to be honest, simplifying our lives seemed a good challenge….

So, we have adopted this spot of land, as our own, with open arms. We know we have much to repair, undoubtedly many surprises ahead of us. All the better!

So, brew a cup of coffee or tea, kick off your shoes, and slip into your fattest, warmest, softest socks, and let’s talk about writing, cottages and gardens, family and housekeeping, habits, and tidbits.
I am glad you are here. …….

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